Friday, 21 November 2008

Storyboard for final film

This is the storyboard I made for my final film at the L├žondon Animation Studio, which you can see just below the storyboard and my animation compilation showreel. I had to shrink down the story in my final film, cause as it was in the storyboard it was gonna be a bit too long for animating it, ans also a bit less clear in terms of storyline. But I really like the way the storyoard of it looks like in its full lenght, I think it gives the idea of the feeling I wanted to express, through shots and close ups of the charaters and their facial expressions. So here it is!

Storyboard for final film

Friday, 12 September 2008

My graduation film for the National Gallery

This here above is my final project I carried out at the PG Dip 2d Character Animation Course at the London Animation Studio (Central Saint Martins College of art and design) this year... We did this final project sponsored by the National Gallery, and we had to choose a painting from their collection, and base our animation on that painting. My animation is based on the painting "Ruggiero and Angelica" by Jean-August Dominique Ingres (the painting above).
I called the Animation "the knight and the dragon" cause that's esentially what it is about. I partly changed the content of the painting, replacing the sea monster with a dragon, which is the imaginary creature I've always loved the most.
it mainly follows the gesture of the painting, except for the setting, which in the painting is a dark sea shore, whereas in my animation is a dark forest instead, with gnarled trees and a gloomy atmosphere...I've chosen this painting cause I always loved fantasy themes and creatures, so I thought it would have been exciting for me to challenge myself producing the longest animation I worked on so far having this as a theme.
I recently completed it. It took quite a long time, but I'm pretty happy with the outcome, it made it all worth it! So this is the final version of it, for everybody to view it.
I'm currently coloring it as well in my spare time.
It's taking a while, cause I'm coloring all frame by frame...
But it's looking good I must say. So I'm hoping to re-upload the colored version some time soon!

Friday, 15 August 2008

Sticker and Color Albums (Published works)

These are some covers of children sticker and color albums I did when I was working for a Publishing Firm based in Rome. All these works have therefore been published. The Publishing Firm does stuff for kids, color books, sticker albums and publications with gadgets. I was a freelance illustrator and graphic designer for the firm. My job was to hand draw illustrations and covers for their publications, then scan them, color the covers on photoshop, do all the pages layouts, including the layouts of titles of the publications and publishing details, and finally bring everything on Quark Xpress and do the print layouts of all the pages. I worked for the firm for quite a long period, almost two years, so that allowed me to learn loads of techincal and professional things, which I'm still using now for animation.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Storyboards and comic strips

These are some short storyboards and comic strips I've done in the last few years, for different purposes...the first was part of an exam at college, where I had to visualize a dream I had into scenes, the second has been inspired by a trip to a festival I've done few years ago, the third is just a funny storyboard about a squirrel...(I love squirrels!), the forth was for a comic concept work I got involved in some time ago, and the last is a caricature of me and a certain period of my life at the time where I was studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.
A lot of memories... ^__^

Original storyboard for task project

This is the original storyboard for the task project we worked on over this year at college. I liked the story as it was on these panels much better, this was the spirit and the atmosphere I wanted the story to have in forst place... but it was far too long and complex to carry out in animation, so I had to revise the story and simplify everything, shortening the whole you can see in the final version of the animatic. But I really want to make an animation based on this original storyboard, and I think it will be awesome!

Tuesday, 29 July 2008


These are some illustrations I've done for the publishing firm I was working for, except for the last one, which is a still image from my final film at the animation course at Central Saint Martins. I colored these ones on photoshop, because that's how the publishing firm required them for their publications. I'm personally more keen on coloring illustrations by hand, but coloring them digitally can be handy as well, and by using the tablet at the same time it really feels like you're painting...and the results can be equally great.


These are some illustrations I've done recently, for the publishing firm I was working for as a freelance illustrator...exactly before the beginning of this Animation course. The firm publishes children books, that's why the illustrations had to be very sweet and childlike. But I did enjoy doing these kind of artworks, it's been an extremely useful and enriching experience workwise. The first two illustrations are water-colored, the other two are colored by pencils and the last one is colored with china ink.


These are some illustrations I've done mostly recently, except for the girl and the dragon and the medieval fair scene...which are older works. Some are water-colored, the fair scene is all colored by pencil, the girl and the dragon are colored with china ink and the emporium magicus picture is half water-colored and half colored on photoshop.

Life drawings

These are some life drawings I worked on over the last year...what else can i say?
Life drawings are veeeery important in order to produce good animations!!! So we had to do loads of life drawings before and during the course, to improve our knowledge of the anatomy and body movements, in roder to be able to reproduce them in our characters movements.......great fun! ;)