Thursday, 17 November 2011

Tilly animation test

Lately I've been working on this animation test for an animation company.
It's still work in progress, therefore not finished...
As it shows here I only did all the roughs so far, now I have to clean up following the model sheet of the characters, and add all the lipsync too!
So it'll take me a bit longer, but it's been fun so far. The characters are SO cute!!!
And lots of bouncy stuff to animate, which is nice.
I thought to keep a record of the various stages of this on my blog, to look back. = )

New illustrations!

Some new illustrations I worked on in these past few months... and keep feeding the imagination for more to come!

Animation project based on the work of a very famous illustrator

These are some shots I worked on for an animation project based on the work of a very famous children book's writer/illustrator (which might be very recognizable from these scenes...). A very exciting project to involved in!

Inovelon - an iPhone app at Tandem

I worked on this iPhone app at Tandem Film in August, which was for a medicine called Inovelon. It was animated by great Jeroen, a friend and colleague animator, and me and my friend Sheetal did all the clean up for it.
Really good fun, and again, working with a team of friends makes a whole lot of difference! = )

These above are two shots I worked on, amongst others...

616 - a horror live action short film with animated elements

I worked on this animation test to be blended with a live footage for a horror short film called 616, work in progress of a production company.
I really enjoyed it because it was something I never did before... a good challenge, and really fun!

Jinny Bitbots advert

I animated a scene from this fun and catchy advert for Jinny Bitbots, a new company of vinyl toys created by my friend and colleague animator and designer Jats. The advert was directed and animated by my friend and colleague Maria, a great artist indeed.
It was nice to participate to the project, and I'm glad she involved me in it!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


This is "Oink", the traditional animation I worked on with great animator Elroy Simmons, for a public event which has taken place in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear.
I in - betweened many of his keys and composited all the dance sequences together, as it shows in the video.

It was a great project to work on, and I did learn a lot from it. Elroy is always such a great inspiration and a great teacher to me.

Webwise - an Internet guide for beginners

I made this animation a few months ago for a BBC project called "Webwise", consisting in a number of animated video educational guides explaining the public how to use the Internet. Like an Internet video guide for beginners.

I worked on it with a small team of animators, and we all did one video for the project. It was all supervised by one of my studio mates from my collective, so that made me enjoy it even more. Quite a fun a project to work on!

Monday, 25 July 2011

"The Rokkababes" Official Logo!

Here is the logo I just finished working on for "The Rokkababes", a friends' fabulous band I am a big fan of!
They asked a while ago to make their official logo, and it took me ages to find the time to do it, but now it is finally ready!
They're gonna use it a lot for promoting the band, and will bring it to London as a poster for their next mini tour in October... So you might see it around town soon! =D