Saturday, 20 February 2010

My frightened punky fish!

I made this little flash animation very recently, as a practice with symbols and a bit of frame by frame drawing with the tablet.
It was fun to make my little punky fish look really scared and give him all the facial expressions related... I enjoyed doing it, and I like the result as well.

Friday, 19 February 2010

"Strange Encounters", my first stop motion animation!

Here is my first stop motion animation! I was so excited to try this animation techique, and I meant to experiment it in a while but didn't get the chance before...
I took a short stop motion animation course lately, and this is the result of it.
The charcters have been designed by me and another nice guy called Brian, who collaborated with me in the making of the animtion.
The boy has been designed by me and the beast/monster by Brian.
The background's original design is mine, but Brian executed the bigger painted version of it for the shooting.
The character animation, editing and sounds were all done by me.
We wanted to make something a bit eerie and misterious, and I think we succeded in the job, which I'm happy about. It looks quite spooky and uncanny, so it's a good result for me!
I enjoyed a lot working on it, and I mean to make some more stop motion short films as soon as a couple of projects brewing, so I'll get back to work with more and more stuff to experiment!

This above is my original background design for the animation.