Friday, 12 September 2008

My graduation film for the National Gallery

This here above is my final project I carried out at the PG Dip 2d Character Animation Course at the London Animation Studio (Central Saint Martins College of art and design) this year... We did this final project sponsored by the National Gallery, and we had to choose a painting from their collection, and base our animation on that painting. My animation is based on the painting "Ruggiero and Angelica" by Jean-August Dominique Ingres (the painting above).
I called the Animation "the knight and the dragon" cause that's esentially what it is about. I partly changed the content of the painting, replacing the sea monster with a dragon, which is the imaginary creature I've always loved the most.
it mainly follows the gesture of the painting, except for the setting, which in the painting is a dark sea shore, whereas in my animation is a dark forest instead, with gnarled trees and a gloomy atmosphere...I've chosen this painting cause I always loved fantasy themes and creatures, so I thought it would have been exciting for me to challenge myself producing the longest animation I worked on so far having this as a theme.
I recently completed it. It took quite a long time, but I'm pretty happy with the outcome, it made it all worth it! So this is the final version of it, for everybody to view it.
I'm currently coloring it as well in my spare time.
It's taking a while, cause I'm coloring all frame by frame...
But it's looking good I must say. So I'm hoping to re-upload the colored version some time soon!