Sunday, 12 December 2010

"Being Red" - a short film we made for Eye with a view

"Being Red", a little educational short film on the topic of HIV I worked on with my friend and colleague Rachel for Eye with a view.
The film is directed to secondary school students, and it has been made in occasion of the World AIDS day 2010.
Great to work with Rachel, she's ace as ever! Loads to learn from her... all the time.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Clean up artist for the short film "Storm"

"Storm", a great short film created by the skillful animator Dan C Turner, in collaboration with Prowl Media, based on a poem by Australian comedian Tim Minchin.
I recently gave my little contribution to the film with clean ups.
It was a pleasure to take part to it.
Here is the whole film revealed.

Summer Animation Club - Plasticine session!

I just finished taeching animation to a group of 30 kids for Eye with a view at Bridge Academy, Hackney, for the Summer Animation Club, together with a team of amazing animator friends, Ali, Alex, Rachel, Tyrone and Hannah.

Here's a litlle sample of plasticine/stop motion animations our little students have been making in the last week of the Summer Animation Club...
These kids are quite young indeed, but got really enganged with this animation technique, and they ended up working very hard on their little projects! It was a lot of fun to help them out and see the work in progress.
This is the final edit we did of all their last week's plasticine/stop motion works!

A film sponsored by Community Barnet - Sophia's story

A short film I worked on recently with my friend and colleague Marian, based on a true story on the topic of bullying in british secondary schools.
A film that's aimed at drawing the attention of young people towards this serious distressing issue, to hopefully contribute in making a change.

The man with the cardboard head - a shortfilm by Trunk Animation

I recently worked at Trunk Animation, in the making of the shortfilm "The man with the cardboard head", directed by the great Pedro Lino.
This is the official trailer of the film.
I mostly used flash and a bit of photoshop, I did clean-ups and in-betweens of few shots, and lots of shadows...
It took a long time for the team to get the film finished, but eventually the result is really amazing!
I'm really proud to have worked on this beautiful and meaningful short film, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a big success!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Bee - witch!

My little beewitch animation...I worked on it in my spare time, between differet jobs, as intro for my showreel. Here it is!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

My frightened punky fish!

I made this little flash animation very recently, as a practice with symbols and a bit of frame by frame drawing with the tablet.
It was fun to make my little punky fish look really scared and give him all the facial expressions related... I enjoyed doing it, and I like the result as well.

Friday, 19 February 2010

"Strange Encounters", my first stop motion animation!

Here is my first stop motion animation! I was so excited to try this animation techique, and I meant to experiment it in a while but didn't get the chance before...
I took a short stop motion animation course lately, and this is the result of it.
The charcters have been designed by me and another nice guy called Brian, who collaborated with me in the making of the animtion.
The boy has been designed by me and the beast/monster by Brian.
The background's original design is mine, but Brian executed the bigger painted version of it for the shooting.
The character animation, editing and sounds were all done by me.
We wanted to make something a bit eerie and misterious, and I think we succeded in the job, which I'm happy about. It looks quite spooky and uncanny, so it's a good result for me!
I enjoyed a lot working on it, and I mean to make some more stop motion short films as soon as a couple of projects brewing, so I'll get back to work with more and more stuff to experiment!

This above is my original background design for the animation.