Sunday, 30 December 2012

Latest Animation Showreel

Here's my latest Animation Showreel, updated with some of my most recent animation work, professional and personal, as well as some older shots which I still like very much.
Bring on 2013 new exciting projects!! xD 

Saturday, 29 December 2012


I know I know... not a very good subject to animate this one. But it was required so I did it, and it was a good challenge in all senses after all. It took me a while to figure out the best way to animate such distructive explosion, but I think the result is quite nice, in spite of what it represents. 

A modern Messiah

A modern Messiah and his radiant message of hope for the humanity. I enjoyed working on this shot very much.

Flying bird


Freshly animated soaring bird for another shot of the shortfilm I'm working on.
I'm quite happy with the result of this bird animation, so I'm very proud to show this! I also made a background specifically for it, and I really like it altogether.
I haven't animated birds flying in ages, so it was a very good practice for me to refresh my knowledge on that kind of beautiful animal animation. I had to animate multiple birds flying for this shot, but this is just an excerpt from the whole shot, showing the most beautiful bit!  

Crusaders in the sunset

Here's another shot from the film I'm working on. Not much going on here... but I find it very romantic a scene, and symbolic too.

Latest Background I created!

I just completed this background in Photoshop for one of the latest shots I worked on for my current animation project. So as I really like the result I thought I'd post it on my blog! = )
It was kind of speed painting as I had to do it really quickly, which made it even more challenging in order to prove my skills, that's why I'm even more proud of it...
More to come sooooon!!

Tuesday, 11 December 2012



A crossbow in action shot by another crusader. This was quick but fun!

Killed Crusader

Another shot from the film I'm working on. A crusader being killed by a crossbow (which I still have to animate). Next shot in line I think though, sooooo... stay tuned!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

New sketches

Some freshly made new skethes! I'm becoming really quick at sketching! The Scottish Clan Chief's profile was just 10 mins on the tube on my journey home last night! That's animation for youuuu.....
I got really inspired by a tale I heard about last weekend, it's an historical fact about Scottish Clan chiefs and their fellows and how they used to pillage English coaches with Noblemen onboard and steal all the valuables whenever they run out of food supplies in the Clan. 
So I'm developing this character in my spare time between my animation and illustrations jobs cause I wanna do a little animation based on him as soon as I can! = )
The top drawing is my re interpretation of Romeo and Juliet in a cartoony senile version. I had a lot of fun drawing this!! It's based on some personal thoughts and feelings, so I'm definitely gonna turn it into a proper colored illustration soon! More to cooooooome!!!

Galloping Horses

Another shot from the project I am currently working on, for an independent film maker and his feature film's intro. This one was fun to animate!! I haven't animated galloping horses in ages and this was a great chance to challenge myself in it. Bring on the next shot! = )

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Autumn Kiss

A tiny animation I did to be entered to an online Animation Project launched by a London Studio. It's all about one of Autumn's little helpers and what she gets up to to spread the season's vibes around her.
A sweet reverie in the thick of the wood!  
I never had a chance to animate a fox so far in my animation career, and so I thought this would have been a good excuse to do it... That's why I really enjoyed working on this super short by super cute animation, and I love how it turned out. I also did a bit of compositing in After Effects, which I think really added that atmosphere I was after. SUCCESS!! =D

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Arab speaking...

Latest shot I just completed from the animation project I am working on at the moment. 
It's always nice to work on a bit of lipsync! This won't be the final voiceover though, just to point it out... The director is gonna take some professional actor to do it. For now this is just the working voiceover. 

Just starting a new shot today, so there'll be a lot more to come. Stay tuned! = )

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Byzantine King

Second shot from my current project. A worried Byzantine King turning his head with a regal countenance and a contemplative gaze. More to come!

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Blood splatters

First shot I worked on for my current animation project, an independent feature film by a talented film maker (can't reveal too much yet!).
I'm doing some animation for the film's intro, and it's all about crusaders and Jesus. Really an interesting theme for me, so I'm enjoying working on this a lot!
I never animated blood splatters before, so it was fun, I quite like the result.
Gonna post more shots of course, I'm currently working on the second one... so stay tuned!

Latest sketches!

Some sketches I have been doing lately, in my spare time or when I go around town by train or tube, or even when I fly on the plane... all between one animation and the other. I always bring my sketchbook with me, wherever I go, so I am always prepared should an irresistible urge of drawing or a sudden inspiration hit me in the face! Hehehe... ; )

Thursday, 11 October 2012

My Celtic Amazon - Work in progress!

This is my latest illustration, my most loved Celtic Amazon, which represents something very important and meaningful to me.
It is still work in progress as I am currently in the process of coloring it, between one animation and the other from my current project. But I'm gonna finish it soon, I promise!!
I'll post the final version as soon as it's all completed. I so look forward to see it all in color, just as I pictured it in my dreams.... so stay tuned! = )

Paipro Character Design

A turnaround of the character I entirely designed in Flash for Paipro promo video, which follows on the next post of this blog.
I took really good care of this part of the animation process, as I wanted the character to be absolutely perfect, and just like I pictured it in my head. And I'm very happy of the final result! = )

Paipro - making post production painless!

One of my latest animations, this is a video I directed, designed and animated for a lovely Company called Loud Magenta, to promote Paipro, their new application designed for professional photographers.
This was truly an awesome job, and I hope I'll get a chance to get more of these in the near future!!

Fashion Character Designs

These are two of the Character Designs I did for a TV series in gestation stage to be pitched to the BBC. 
Good fun as well, as the idea and concept is really quirky and peculiar!  

Funky Apple Chair design

A funky Apple Chair design I made all in Flash for a London based Games Company.
This was really fun as well, and I love the way it came out!! = )

Fairy Mushrooms backgrounds

Some backgrounds I designed for my Fairy Mushrooms Animation, which follows straight down in the next post. I really loved working on them in flash, it was the most enchanting process ever, as I truly adore the fairy forest theme and I love to draw it!

Fairy Mushrooms

This is a little animation I made for a famous game company.
In here I designed all the backgrounds and animated the characters, who were given to me as static symbols.
I SO enjoyed creating all the backgrounds in flash, it was amazing cause I chose a theme which I really love, that of the fairy forest.

Pirate Girl!

A little animation I designed, directed and animated for a cool android app company. I really enjoyed the process through and through, mostly cause I love pirates! = )

Monday, 8 October 2012

Stickmen Concept Stills

I designed all in Flash these concept stills for an an insurance company's promo video.
Unfortunately the project was put on hold by the company for internal problems, so it never came true (yet!), but I really like the production stills I created for it. So here they are! 

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Latest illustrations!

Here are some new illustrations I made in the last few months. The water dragon one represents my resolution for 2012, therefore it means a lot to me...