Thursday, 22 November 2012

New sketches

Some freshly made new skethes! I'm becoming really quick at sketching! The Scottish Clan Chief's profile was just 10 mins on the tube on my journey home last night! That's animation for youuuu.....
I got really inspired by a tale I heard about last weekend, it's an historical fact about Scottish Clan chiefs and their fellows and how they used to pillage English coaches with Noblemen onboard and steal all the valuables whenever they run out of food supplies in the Clan. 
So I'm developing this character in my spare time between my animation and illustrations jobs cause I wanna do a little animation based on him as soon as I can! = )
The top drawing is my re interpretation of Romeo and Juliet in a cartoony senile version. I had a lot of fun drawing this!! It's based on some personal thoughts and feelings, so I'm definitely gonna turn it into a proper colored illustration soon! More to cooooooome!!!

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