Thursday, 4 June 2009

2D flash animator for Loolatopia - Superhero Street!

Here is my latest animation toil...I've just finished working on this music video for kids, Superhero Street. I've done this job for Loolatopia, a lovely american children publishing company, based in Chicago. It was entirely animated in flash by myself, but the characters were provided by the company's graphic artist.
This video will be spread around, posted on websites for kids, and shown in all the public events that Loolatopia periodically organizes, which always involve all families united, parents and children. It's meant to bring loads of positive energies and vibes to all those who watch it.
I enjoyed working on it, although it's been quite a long work...but it's just so nice to see it all together now.
The song played is part of a CD that Loolatopia published, which contains many catchy children tunes, performed by the band "Dave Hamilton and the space cadets".
Nice stuff, you can buy their CD on line as well!
I've got another animation on schedule for them, which I'm gonna be starting soon.
I'll post my work in progress anyway! = )

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to4shizzle said...

wow those are extremely good stuffs have you thought of opening a ssmall exhibition its tight u know well one thing i like to say is use your talents well as for me im a writer so i write i could do a promo on your work that is if it will be okay by you