Friday, 20 March 2009

Sceneries from old german and dutch engravings (works from my final dissertation)

These above are some of my favourite works I carried out for my final dissertation at college (at the time of my Academy of Fine Arts degree).
The dissertation was based on the engravings of the 14th and 15th century by some dutch and german artists of the time.
One of the main ones was obviously Albrecht Durer, who was a brilliant and illuminated painter and engraver, one of the greatest of his time, and upon him my dissertation was mainly focused.
I principally focused my attention on the backgrounds of these engravings, which obviously reflected deeply the society and the time in which the works were conceived and created.
I truly found that element one of the most fascinating within that microcosmos of masterpieces, and that's why my eye went closer and closer to those scenaries and backgrounds, as to scan and probe every single little detail enclosed within them, just as a microscope would do.
These works reflect my long study upon those ancient prints, and the feeling that accompanied me while I was going deeper and deeper into their dimension.
I find very interesting the analogy between these works and my final project, in terms of graphic style, as I think it shows clearly.

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