Friday, 20 March 2009

Some character designs, and my artwork and life drawing compilations

These are some character designs I've been drawing in these latest months. Some of them were for few animation projects I got involved into and some others were ideas of I intended to develope into animations...

Here is another long compilation of my artwork... It includes illustrations, character design drawings, graphic design works, and few storyboards and comic strips. Some stuff was already published on my blog, but this compilation sums up a bit of everything, so I thought it was useful to have! I'm using it in my showreel's DVDs as well to represent my artwork, and I think it gives a good idea of my style and skills.

And here is my latest life drawing compilation, which contains the latest life drawings I've been producing by going to evening life drawing classes.
It's such a basic thing to do for an animator! And it's never enough...

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