Friday, 20 March 2009

Flash animator at Bold Creative - Hippy Tagwagon and Culture Wall!

This is the latest animation I've done at Bold Creative for the documentary based on their public event for children "find your talent", which took place at the Museum of Childhood in Tower Hamlet - London in January 2009. The animation represents a white room, which was assembled at the event with all its white furnitures, which gradually got covered with drawings, scribbles and doodles by all the visitors. In my animation the room becomes a true art installation by the end of it. I've been cutting up loads of graffiti bits and details, and pasted them in every single corner of the walls and furnitures, and the final result is pretty...intense I think!

This is one of the latest animations I've been working on very recently. I did it for Bold Creative, and it's for a documentary based on the public event for children "Find your talent", which the company organized in January at the Museum of Childhood (Bethnal Green - Tower Hamlets - London), to which I took part to, helping out over the two days it went on for. It was really fun. The children were so happy and enthusiastic! Two lovely days...
The animation has been inspired on what the kids at the festival were saying about Bold's wagon, they thought it looked really hippy...
So I animated two hippy kids riding it!
It also follows the style the documentary is being made with, black and white, with a stop motion cut.

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