Sunday, 29 March 2009

Flash animation for the fabulous Empress Stah!

Well, this is work in progress as well, although a short one. This is the first of the two short animations I'm doing for the fabulous trapeze artist Empress Stah, well known for her amazing performances around the world. I'm working on this short animation project with my friend and colleague animator Sarah Dexter, who also attended the animation course with me last year. So this is only partly my merit, and I thought I had to point that out. She did the first half of this short animation, the bit where Stah appears from the Nebula and stars...which I think looks amazing! I animated the second bit, with Stah making her magic move!
She thought it would have been good to repeat it three times as the music (which is the tetris game one) goes along. She wanted the character to represent herself as an avatar image, the ones you find on websites that should be a kind of cartoony charicature of yourself. I think we came up with the right image. She could see herself in it a lot, which was nice to hear.
This animation is gonna be projected on a big screen at the opening of her next show on april the 5th, and I'll surely be there to witness it!
Now we're just about to start with the second animation she asked for...I'll post that one as soon as it's done! ; )

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